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You are going to have to go through airport security if you want to fly.  We recommend three simple steps that will help keep track of your items and avoid leaving them at the security check point.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  Don't leave your stuff at the security check point.

We notice that many travelers going through airport security seem to make the procedure much more difficult than it needs to be. Security practices are not going to change just because you do not want to wait in line. Get with the program and do what you can to speed the process.

1. Carry a clear, plastic baggy in your pocket or carry-on

  • When you are waiting in the security line, place all of your change, keys, pens, watches, rings, jewelry, and other metal objects in the bag.
  • Place the bag near the bottom of your carry-on for its trip through the scanner.
    • Using the clear plastic bag helps any security personnel who need to examine your stash.
    • In addition, using the bag helps speed you through the metal detector.
  • Finally, when you exit security, it is easy to reload your pockets with all the loveable junk that you carry.

2. Take special care with your wallet. If you carry metal in your wallet (keys, etc), you will need to send the wallet through the scanner. Most people forget to remove their wallets before passing through the metal detector and, then, dump it in a tray for scanning after they have failed their first pass through the metal detector.

  • Don’t toss your wallet in a bin for scanning
    • It is just too great a risk to take.  Many travelers are so flustered having failed the metal detector test that they forget to check for the wallet when gathering their "stuff".
  • Instead, place your wallet in the bottom of your carry-on (so that it cannot fall out) before you place it in the tray to be scanned.
  • Be sure to pick up your carry-on when departing the security check area.
  • Replace your wallet in your pocket or wherever you keep it before you give yourself a pat down, find it missing from its usual place, and start to panic.

3. Perform a mental checklist before you leave the security area.

  • Make sure that you have retrieved your wallet, luggage, shoes, jewelry, and anything else that you put through the scanner (like your belt, perhaps?).

The process will go a lot quicker if you place your wallet and the plastic bag full of pocket stuff (including your watch and rings) in your carry-on while you are cued up for the security checkpoint.


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