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Different types of train service can be found on the rails in Europe.  Try to catch the direct or IC train for reasonably speedy service. Read our article to find out more. 


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  Take the direct train

When traveling in Europe you will find several different types of train service that differ in both speed of trip and cost.

  • Europe is the home to ultra high-speed trains. These bullets (e.g. TGV and EuroStar) are quick but relatively expensive.
  • The next step down from the fastest trains is the direct train or IC (intercity) that travels at a good clip and makes few stops.
  • The intercity is usually followed by a train that makes more stops (for example, the sneltrein in the Netherlands).
  • Finally, there is the “local” that stops at every station (for example, the stoptreins in the Netherlands).

If you have a tight schedule, try to make your reservation on the IC, unless you are willing to spring for the high-speed trains and one connects with your destination. If your schedule is “relaxed” and you have plenty of time, any train will do, but we recommend that you stick with the Intercity.


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