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ThereArePlaces travel tips on train travel were designed  to help you understand important considerations for traveling  internationally by train

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Travel Advice/Travel Tips: International Train Travel

Key articles

Eurail Passes – what you need to know.  Eurail passes may provide good value if you are going to travel Europe by train.  We provide an overview of these passes, discuss some of the varieties of passes available, and provide  resources that will assist you if you are interested in acquiring a discount rail pass.

Time and European trains  Be familiar with the 24-hour clock. Read our article for a brief update on 24-hour time. In addition, don't count on the trains being late.

Train travel - Validating your train ticket       Many train systems in Europe require that you validate your ticket before you can use it.  Read our article to find out what you need to know< .

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Good to know

Central train stations in Europe      Train stations in Europe often have "tell tale" names that help you to locate them.  We list some of these names to help you get started with European train travel.

Train station safety    Train stations around the world often seem to be located in seedy neighborhoods and stations in Europe are no exception.  Here's how to avoid the petty crime commonly found in these stations.

Train travel- get a print out  Most ticket offices can provide a customized printed schedule of the trains headed for your location.  Just ask.

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May be of interest

Take the direct train         You probably do not want to be on the "local" train, unless you're interested in dingy train yards that you might miss otherwise.  We recommend you take the Inter City (IC), or its equivalent.

Train travel – boarding the right train        European train stations can be a maze of confusion.  Here's how to find the correct platform, decipher  the overhead signs, and make sure you board the right train.

Train travel -What class is that car?  We cover the distinctions between classes of service and how to find the correct car during that dash to the train.

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