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Train stations in Europe are often located in run-down neighborhoods.  In addition, the rate of  petty-crime oriented towards tourists is higher near the central station than other sections of the city.  Read our article to find out  how to raise your personal safety.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips - Train station safety

Central train stations in Europe are often in run-down neighborhoods.

  • Many of these areas are rife with drug use, prostitution, and petty crime.
  • If you will arrive or depart from a central station at night, use a taxi for transportation, as doing so is much safer than walking the neighborhoods surrounding most European train stations.

The stations are usually well policed but are a haven for pickpockets, panhandlers, and others who see tourists as an easy mark

  • If you will use trains during your travels abroad, be sure to follow our advice on Money belt use. In addition, read our articles on Safety and Security.
  • When in or around the central station, watch your bags and other personal belongings. Always keep these items in front of you when buying tickets or purchasing food, drinks, or reading material.
  • After you arrive on the boarding platform, be wary of crowds, especially during the rush to enter the train, as it is during this “jostling” that pickpockets strike.
    • Gather your materials and enter the train at a reasonable pace, keeping track of both your belongings and your surroundings.
  • Do not keep your train ticket in a front shirt or blouse pocket as this provides an easy target for pickpockets. In addition, tickets will fall from loose pockets when you bend to pick up your luggage.
  • If you are using a luggage carrier to wheel your luggage around, make sure to loop the elastic ties through the handles of your luggage. Doing so makes it very difficult for anyone to remove a bag  without your knowledge.

Keep alert and you should have no problems!



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