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Internet Cafes  can be an economical way of using email abroad and are a good alternative to lugging a laptop around while you travel.  Read our expose to be prepared to use Internet Cafes  to your advantage.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips - Internet Cafe Use

One of the cheapest ways to stay in touch while you are traveling abroad is to use Web based email such as the services provided by MSN, Yahoo or Google. These types of accounts are no cost and can be accessed anywhere you can find Web access.

Since most of us do not travel with a portable computer during our vacations, the easiest way to hook-up with your email account is to find an Internet Cafe.  Internet Cafe's provide low cost access to computer networks for a very economical price.  You simply sign-up for the amount of time you will need and connect with your account.

Do not consider  the connections or computers at Internet Cafes  secure.  Thee computers may be equipped with keystroke loggers that can recreate your "conversations".  For this reason, do not use Internet Cafes to check bank balances, access secure password protected accounts (such as brokerage accounts), or for any use that requires confidentiality.



1.  Before you depart on your trip, go online and create a new email  account for use while you are abroad.  A new account will not expose your existing account or contact list to prying eyes at any of the Internet Cafes you might use.

2. Each time you sign-in to your  email account, change your password, as it may have been hacked at the last cafe.

As long as you stick to email, you will find the Internet Cafe's a low cost way to let everyone know how you are doing on your vacation.

3.  If you will need to connect with you work email and confidential information, you are probably better off lugging your laptop around than exposing  your network to the security risks found at many Internet Cafes.

See our article on Internet Cafe Ins and Outs


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