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Our financial lives depend on numbers.  We have credit card numbers, ATM numbers, traveler check numbers, and a host of other important digits.  What are going to do  if you lose your ATM or Credit card?  Well, if you create the list we describe here and stash it in your money belt, you should be able to recover quite nicely.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  Make a list of those important numbers

Create a list of account numbers for credit cards, ATM cards, traveler checks, and other documents in order to control the damage if you should lose any of these cards while on vacation. Before you leave on your vacation, take a few minutes to compile a list of the following information:

• Credit Card Number(s) including expiration date, billing contact telephone number and the telephone number to call in case of loss. If you have a scanner or access to a copier, take your cards and copy both the front and back (approximately ten cards will fit on a single page).

• ATM number(s) including expiration date, billing contact telephone number and the number to call in case of loss. Do not include a list of your PIN numbers for these accounts. Pin numbers should be memorized and never included in written records.

• Traveler Check sequence number(s) including amount, brand, and contact telephone numbers (The issuer will provide a list of the check numbers but having more than one copy is useful.).

• Passport details (passport Number, where issued, expiration date). Include a copy of the page in your Passport that includes your photo, passport number and where issued. Be sure and enter your name and address in your passport on the page provided (use pencil).

• Driver’s license number, issuing agency (e.g. state) and expiration date


It is easy to underestimate the value of creating a list of these details. Remember, the telephone number for calling in a lost credit card is on the credit card you just lost.

  • The only foolproof way to describe your credit card is to provide your account number, which is, also, on the card you just lost.
  • The best way to mitigate issues related to losing vital documents is to create a list containing the important numbers described above.
  •  Keep the document with these critical data stored in your money belt.

We keep a record of our critical documents details in a computer file and save copies to our PDA and print copies  that we keep in our money belt for reference, should disaster strike while we are on vacation. We recommend that you encrypt or password protect any computer file containing personal information.

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