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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  Glasses – Take an extra pair

Many travelers require glasses for both reading and distance. Losing them while on vacation can be very limiting (for example, your driver's license may require that you wear glasses while operating a vehicle): however, buying a “reserve” pair of prescription lenses and frames is just too expensive.

In order to provide a cheap insurance policy for this problem,  toss a pair of your old glasses (the previous prescription) into your pack to use if you should lose your current pair.

If you do not have an old prescription handy, head to the drug store and buy a pair of “Dr. Walgreen’s” off the rack. Find an inexpensive lens that is close to your prescription and use these as a cheap substitute. Once you return home, however, you are going to have to pony up and buy real glasses.

A final thought, losing either eye glasses or sun glasses is one of the most common travel inconveniences.



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