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Sometime during a vacation, someone will leave his or her sporty shades or prescription lenses on a cafe table, taxi seat, or who knows where!  Eyeglass cords will help you avoid loss or damage.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips - How to keep those glasses on your head


If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you know that losing them while on vacation can be a real problem. Damaging or losing those flashy, designer shades can be both an inconvenience and a significant economic loss. Ditto, if you drop and damage either your glasses or your shades.

If you are concerned about the potential loss or damage to your eyeglasses, consider purchasing an eyeglass cord (also known as eyeglass chains, leashes or necklaces). These neat little accessories keep you from leaving your glasses behind at restaurants or other stops.


In addition, eyeglass cords help keep your glasses out of harms way by avoiding the damage that  can occur when you accidentally drop them. Although eyeglass cords used to be thought of as “gifts for Grandma”, they are now considered fashion accessories. Available designs range from sporty (e.g. Croakers®) to high fashion models (Swarovski) with high fashion prices.

Wear eyeglass cords when you are boating, hiking, playing sports, or vacationing. They provide inexpensive insurance by limiting the loss of or damage to your glasses.

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