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Many power converters will not work with low voltage electronic devices such as  PDA's.  Read our article on converters that are equipped to service both high and low voltage devices.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  Low Voltage Device use during international travel

If you will be taking rechargeable, low voltage electronics  (e.g. small radios, alarms, or PDA’s) during a vacation outside of the U.S., you will need to acquire a power converter that works with low voltage appliances.

  • Most power converters are designed to work with high voltage appliances (irons, travel steamers, some hair dryers) and will not power or recharge low voltage appliances (a low voltage appliance is one that requires less than 50 watts of power to operate).

If you are confused about watts and voltages, help is at hand.

  • Franzus offers an Autoadjust Smart Converter that automatically senses whether a device requires high or low voltage and switches to the correct voltage for use or recharging.
  • Franzus Model TS 1650E contains the Autoadjust converter and a set of five adapter plugs for use in various countries.
    • Other models include a switch that allows you to select either high or low voltage, as appropriate.
  • Other manufacturers provide similar converters with similar capabilities.
  •  Read our article on  power converters  before you buy one.


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