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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  You brought the voltage converter, now remember to use it.

While we were planning  a trip to France,  we decided that we  wanted to take the Hovercraft across the Channel from Dover to Calais.  The Hovercraft was being  phased out later that year and we wanted to experience it before its demise (it has since been replaced by a high-speed type of boat known as the SeaCat).

At the start of our trip, we flew overnight to Birmingham, UK from Chicago (when you use your “ award miles” you often have to accept getting "close" to your destination). Two trains and a ride on the London Underground later  we were pulling into Dover Priory Station: we were starting to drag.

We arrived in Dover late in the afternoon and stayed at a delightful Bed and Breakfast (the East Leigh Guest House –found during an internet search). We walked into town, saw the White Cliffs, had an early dinner, and headed back for a good nights nap.   We were fuzzy headed when we hit the sack and not much better as we attempted to jump-start our hearts in the morning.

We rose early to catch the Hovercraft. My spouse, having a serious case of “bed head”, needed to use our hair dryer. Well, I tossed the hair dryer and the correct plug for the UK. Unfortunately, I forgot to toss the voltage converter.

You know, it is exciting when your hair dryer starts its self-destruct sequence by shooting flames out the end of the blower tube. Not to worry, the dryer was not aimed anyone’s head; although  the owner’s cat who was visiting our room, might beg to differ.  Anyway, I'll bet the cat had never jumped that high in her life.   Now, if the owner of the East Lee had not noticed  the blown fuse.

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