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If you carry an electronic device that is of critical importance, spring for an additional voltage converter and plug set.  Having redundancy will help ensure that the device is always available when you need it.


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  Recharging electric devices critical during foreign travel

If you have a device that

  • Is a critical resource while you are traveling and
    • May require recharging (e.g. a portable computer)
    • Or operates only  when connected to a power outlet

    Take two transformers and two of each adapter plugs (usually country specific) that you will need during the journey.
    • It is difficult to find the right transformer or the correct adapter plug when traveling outside of the US. (See our article on Converters and plug adapters.)

A colleague of ours just returned from a trip to Europe. He was on business and needed to make  several presentations of a PowerPoint slide show stored on his laptop computer. Just before an important presentation, a member of the "audience" accidentally kicked the voltage converter/plug adapter pair that was powering his portable computer”. As luck would have it, the adapter split in half and he had to rely on his chalkboard skills to present the message, since he had not been able to recharge his portable between presentations.


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