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There are a million places to visit while on vacation.  Take our advice and see the best of the best, first.  If there is time left over, see the rest of the best after that,


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Travel Advice/Travel Tips -  See the best attractions first

Vacations can be tiring. Maybe it is sensory overload, but too much sightseeing can give you a headache, or make you crabby.

When you are not on vacation, how often do you visit museums, art galleries, world-class cathedrals, and other famous places?

  • Moreover, even when you do, do you do it all day, day after day?
  • Your response to these questions should give you some insight into why you might start to feel disinterested in seeing some of the attractions that you planned to see during your long awaited vacation.
  • Being a tourist is just plain unnatural; it is not what we do most of the time.
  • Your long planned vacation can turn deadly, if you do not pace yourself.

So, before you go, know that you will run down. Vacations are not a marathon. Vacations are enjoyable if managed as a series of short races with nice rests between events. A great strategy for enjoying your vacation is to see the best of the best, first.

If you go to museum known for a world famous attraction, make the attraction your first stop. If there are three or four notable items, see them all in order of importance or proximity to each other. Don’t feel like you need to spend the day looking in every nook and cranny for new treasures. If you have seen what you came to see, leave. Stop for a snack or a drink. Then head for the next place on your to do list or back to the hotel for a snooze.

In other words, don’t overload. When you do, you may find yourself wandering around the final days of your vacation saying, "I don't want to see another ........ever!"



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