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Vienna, Austria

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Best Places To Visit in Vienna


If you  have the urge to see even more churches, Vienna has several gems that might be of interest to you.  The Votive Church (Schottentor station (U2)) on the Ring,  is a neo-Gothic spectacle, which was built in appreciation of a failed assassination attempt of Emperor Franz Joseph.  The church was commissioned by  Ferdinand Maximillian, brother of Franz Joseph, who later was later assassinated during his reign as Emperor of Mexico.  The highlight of a visit is the main altar, which is a spectacle.  In addition, the towers of the Votivekirche are very attractive when illuminated at night.

    The beautiful spires of the Votive Church are visible from many areas of Vienna  The main altar of the Votive Church is unusual and beautiful

Maria am Gestade

The Church Maria am Gestade is one of the oldest in ViennaMaria am Gestade (St. Mary's on the Banks) located on Salvatorgasse at Passauerplatz,  is one of the most recognizable examples of Gothic architecture in Vienna.  This church is known for its wonderful, thin, lace-work tower and the fact that it is one of Vienna's oldest churches. 

Maria am Gestade dates from the late 14th century and was built in a location that had previously been the site of  several churches.  The Gestade church fell into disuse after it was desecrated and its neglect continued as it was  used by Napoleon's troops for storage during his invasions of Vienna.  Maria am Gestade remained out of favor until it was restored in the 19th century.

The Assisi Church (Memory Church)

The Assisi Church is squat but spectacular.The Assisi Church, also known as the Memory Church, dates from the late 19th century and was consecrated on the Golden Anniversary of the Emperor Franz Joseph. It is located on the Mexicoplatz near the banks of the Danube.

Although it might sound odd to have a Mexicoplatz in Vienna, the Habsburgs  for a brief time, claimed the monarchy of Mexico.  It appears that the citizens of Mexico did not agree to this annexation, as Franz Joseph's brother Maximillian was crowned Emperor of Mexico and ,then, captured and executed by members of a group supporting Mexican independence.


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