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Château Chambord

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The towers at Chambord and many and all are beautiful


Chambord is a dramatic sight

Chambord is the most impressive of the châteux in the Loire Valley. It was created as a hunting lodge and is surrounded by lush grounds.


The towers and spires at Chambord are both attractive and whimsical

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Chambord is located east of Blois on secondary road D-33



Chambord is the largest and most ornate of the Châteux of the Loire Valley.  It has 440 rooms and was built by Francois 1 in the early 16th century.  During the Italian Wars, Francois had become enamored of Italian architecture and the plans for Chambord were based on contemprorary Italian designs.  Legend has it that Leonardo da Vinci created the plans for the central keep based on a design related to the Greek Cross. Leonardo is also thought to have planned the double-spiral staircase that is the signature masterpiece of Chambord. Click to see this location on a highway map of France

The whimsical towers, domes and chimneys on the roof also served as a terrace and reviewing stand.  Be sure to find your way to the top, as the view is quite spectacular.


The Château is open year round (closed on May 1, January 1 and December 25). It opens at 09:00 and closes at 17:15  or 18:15  April through October.

Guided tours are available but should be reserved ahead of time.  Visit the Château's website for more information. (French language site)

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