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Château Chenonceau

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     The Chateau sits astride the River Chern in France's Loire Valley

Chenonceau sits astride the River Cher in France's Loire Valley. 

Built across the River Cher in the 16th century by Thomas Bohier who razed the original castle and the keep built by the Marques family. The setting of the building  is the main attraction here and  Chenonceau's location was a stroke of genius.  The building and the river exist in harmony, one complementing the other.  Take some time to walk down the banks of the river to observe the chateau from various perspectives - doing so will reward you with several interesting views. Click to see this location on a highway map of France


Be sure to spend time in Chenonceau's marvelous gardens. Each of these beautiful gardens was originally designed by women of historical importance: one  by Diane De Poitiers and the other by Catherine De Medici.  .

The interior of Chenonceau is interesting, but not as grand as one would expect based on the setting and grounds of the château.  Your walkthrough of the interior will take only a few minutes.


The Marques Tower

The Marques Tower along with the  piers from the mill, which now support the Château, are all that remain of the original Chenonceau Estate

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Château Chenonceau is located south of Amboise, France in Chenonceau along the River Cher.


The Garden at Chenonceau designed by Cahterine De Medici

This is the view of the garden designed by Catherine De Medici.  A second garden, designed by Diane De Poitiers is just to the right. Over 130,000 plants are set in the gardens each year and all are grown on the grounds of the Château.

The Château is open year round.  It opens at 09:00 and closes at 16:30  or later, depending on the season.

Guided  audio tours are available  Visit the Château's website  for more information. 



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