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Côte D'Azur

Flag of France







Looking towards Roquebrune and Cape Martin (Cap-Martin) near Menton on the Côte D'Azur.

The te D'Azur extends from Menton on the border with Italy to Marseille.  The term the French Riviera is often used to describe this area, although there is great debate in France about the actual extent of the Riviera.  According to  some, the Riviera run from Cassis ( photo below) which is just east of Marseille, to Menton, while others regard St. Tropez as being the westernmost outpost of the Riviera.


Regardless of its exact boundaries,  the Côte D'Azur is considered by many to be the playground of the rich and the famous and  this is true if you want to own a seaside villa.  The te D'Azur is also a popular destination with tourists who are looking for fantastic weather, white sand beaches and great nightlife.  Although this can be an expensive area in summer due to demand for lodging, it is also one of the "places to be" on the Mediterranean coast.

Cassis, just to the east of Marseille, is a scenic resort





For more information on Nice,  visit its official tourism website here.


In our main guide to France, we skip Nice (photos above and below), which, to be honest, is nice town, with great beaches, ferry service to Corsica and Sardinia and a convenient airport (which makes it a prominent starting point for touring this area).  It's just that Nice, which has Monaco on one side and Cannes on the other, pales in comparison to its neighbors.

Looking down the Promenade Anglais in Nice.


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Best Places to Visit in France (2) - Cote D'Azur




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