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Fields of lavender being harvested in Provence

Provence is blessed with beauty at almost every turn of the road. Whether it is luxurious fields of lavender or the scenic higher elevations in the Alps (Alpes), the Luberon, or a host of other vistas, Provence is striking, peaceful and traveling its byways is a special treat. 

Most of the photographs on this page were taken "...on the way to somewhere else" and reflect the abundance of riches that can be found in Provence.

The majestic Alpes section of Provence


During your travels in Provence, you will come across scenic bridges, beautiful waterways and  unexpected treasures in the form of small villages nestled in the region's hills  It is these hill towns that create the real "flavor" of Provence.  Most of the hill towns have modest formal attractions, although each of them mysteriously contributes to the feeling that life in Provence is richer than almost anywhere else on earth.

The village of Bonnieux in the Luberon area of Provence
 The view of the countryside from Bonnieux is stunning

An arch leading to another exploration in beautiful Provence

 Unexpected arches, scenic facades around the corner, Provence offers a variety of visual treats.















A narrow bridge leading to the hill town on Nyons

Bridge over the river Aigues (Eygues) near Nyons, another beautiful village in Provence



  The scenic village of Gordes in Provence, France

Gordes, north of Marseille (90 miles) and east of Avignon (28 miles), is one of the prettiest villages in Provence, if not in all of France. The city predates Roman times, although it became an important outpost of the Roman Empire.

The famous Camargue Horses, indigenous to the Camargue Delta

The Camargue is the delta between the two branches of the Rhône River.  It is the largest river delta in Europe and known as a wildlife habitat.

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