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Monemvasia, Greece Travel Guide  


One of the relatively undiscovered treasures of Greece is Monemvasia, located on a peninsula far to the south-east in the Peloponnese.  Although not for everyone, this small, Byzantine/medieval  village pops up in novels and travel magazines often enough that it attracts the explorer class of travelers.

Getting to Monemvasia can be a trial as it is five or six hours by car from Athens, although you can find several buses that connect.  Monemvasia is a port on the list of several small cruise liners, but is not served by a ferry from any of the larger ports in Greece.

The walled town of Monemvasia, often called a castle, is a remote, romantic spot in the south of Greece The  walled town of Monemvasia in the southeastern Peloponnese, is an out-of-the-way, highly attractive spot for a respite from touring.



Monemvasia was once a medieval fortress, and today it remains  a walled town that has a gated-entry protecting it.  The city lies across a causeway connecting it to the mainland (and the new town of Monemvasia) in an area known as the Laconian coast. 

In Medieval times, the restricted access made the town a relatively secure fortress, although it was attacked and conquered several times.  The "old" town has two parts, the major settlement called the "Lower Town" and an "Upper Town" with some Byzantine era ruins.  Click here for a history of Monemvasia  from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.


      Monemvasia is connected to the mainland by thin sea spit.

Monemvasia does not offer a lot of excitement or many attractions.  Instead, it is one of those "lazy-feeling", out-of-the-way places  with charming views of the sea that just makes you feel good when you experience it.  Monemvasia is a great area for hiking and exploring the southern end of the Peloponnese. Lodging in the Old Town is quite limited, although you can find more modern accommodations across the causeway in "new" Monemvasia.




Above the town is an area of byzantine ruins.  The hike up the hill is invigorating and the view is spectacular. Follow the zigzag trail up the side of the  hill (away from the shore) and you will come to the Church Aghia Sophia, set in a beautiful scene.

Additional Resources

Monemvasia does not have an official tourism website.  However, the website Greeka  provides information on accommodations in Monemvasia.

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For country facts on Greece, as well as travel information related to visas, driving rules, safety, medical conditions, visas and other travel-related information, see this page on Greece Travel from the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the U.S. State Department.  Regardless of your home country, we think you will find the information provided to be useful when planning a trip to Greece.

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The town of Monemvasia is quite small, but it has idyllic lanes and friendly people.



Monemvasia is a colorful small town that attracts those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of other places.




Looking down on the town from the top of the hill provides a spectacular view. It seems that everyplace that you want to get to in Greece is at the TOP of the hill


The Windstar Lines ship the Windstar is shown in the bay below the  ruins above Monevasia Although not on the itinerary of most cruise lines, Windstar sometimes stops at Monemvasia, if the weather in Mykonos is bad.  If it happens, don't complain.


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