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 Hungary Travel Guide

   Best Places to Visit in Hungary

Flag of Hungary
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Map of the leading tourist destinations in Hungary

Hungary Travel    

Read our recommendations on the best places to visit in Hungary. We believe that the cities and regions described in our Hungary Travel Guide are the country’s key tourist destinations, contain Hungary's best attractions and urge you to visit them during your travels in Hungary.
Hungary is a beautiful country: however, Budapest attracts the lion's share of tourism. Tourist facilities outside of Budapest, though widely available, are not as developed as those found in Western Europe.

Traveling in Hungary outside of Budapest is a difficult task for all but the experienced traveler. Although the number of Hungarians who speak English is on the rise, the Hungarian language is very difficult to master for most non-Hungarians.



Millenial Column, Hero's Square, Budapest

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Names in Teal are regions of the country.

  • Budapest  Click for a chart of Budapest's annual precipitation and temperature ranges.

    Budapest, its Royal Palace and Chain Bridge from the Danube at night

  • Known as the "Queen of the Danube" and as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Budapest's look is an amalgam of architectures from diverse cultures and points in time.  Buda, on the Danube's right bank, contains Roman ruins of Aquincum, the Castle Buda, and remnants of the medieval city. Pest, situated on the plain bounded by the left bank  of the Danube, contains the commercial and governmental sections of the city. 


  • Budapest offers many good quality museums, fine food, and good tourism.
    • For detailed information on visiting Budapest, visit the city's official tourism website.

  • Danube Bend

    • Before reaching Budapest, the Danube flows through a significant curve and wanders through a narrow valley containing several interesting towns.  The three best towns from a tourist's perspective are:

      • Szentendre is the most popular of the villages in the Danube bend and is know for its numerous church steeples, colorful house and delightful food.

      • Visegrᤠis famous for its beautiful views of the Danube River and its valley, as well as for ruins of Roman fortifications and a  fortress that dates from the 13th century.

      • Esztergom is famous for its massive cathedral (the Basilica) that features what is claimed to be the largest altar in the world.


  • Kecskemet

    • A good stopping off point if you are headed south in Hungary, Kecskemet offers a number of interesting museums.

  • Szeged
    • Once a "Royal Town", Szeged is another great stop if you are headed south from Budapest.

  • Lake Balaton
    • Lake Balaton is where the Hungarians' vacation.  The area is known for vineyards, resorts, and thermal baths.

Additional Resources

For more information on visiting Hungary, see the country's official tourism website. The site provides additional details about our recommended best places to visit, as well as information about locations that did not make our list.

For country facts on the Hungary, as well as travel information related to visas, driving rules, safety, medical conditions, visas and other travel-related information, see this page on Hungary Travel from the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the U.S. State Department.  Regardless of your home country, we think you will find the information provided to be useful when planning a trip to Hungary.

If you need information about another travel destination, try our Destination Guide Index or Googling ThereArePlaces.

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Castle Hill, Budapest

Parliment from the Danube, Budapest

St. Mattias Church, Budapest




Street Scene, Szentendre, Danube Bend, Hungary









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