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Best Places to Visit in Umbria

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  • Visiting Umbria    

    • Although no part of Italy is undiscovered, many travelers believe that the region of Umbria, with its quilt of fortified hill towns, provides some the best vacation travel in Italy. 

      Central Italy (where Lazio, Abruzzo and Marche regions of Italy abut) has been very actively seismically in 2016.  Earthquakes have resulted in great devastation.  The seismic threat here is real and should not be ignored.

      Predominately an agricultural area, Umbria is appealing from a variety of perspectives. Its attractions are interesting and several towns have noted architectural or artistic treasures, but you do not feel compelled to rush from here to there as you do in Florence, Venice or Rome.  Instead, you feel your pulse slow, appetite return and a fascination begins to grow as you muse about what it must be like to live in this delightful section of Italy. 

      Many people ask us "Why Umbria?"  Our response is that Umbria  has many of the same delights as Tuscany (although its landscapes are not as varied) without most of the crass commercialism and fewer tour buses (at least at present).  In many ways, Umbria is an attitude, and one that we find pleasing and restful.


There are any number of wonderful villages and towns in Umbria.  We provide Photo Guides of the towns that we feel include the "best"  of Umbria.  Your choices may differ, but the beauty of choice means that you have to sample even more of this wonderful region.  The cities we explore are shown by the following links (click the one for you).

  • Perugia,

  • Assisi,

  • Spello,

  • Orvieto,

  • We feel that these  Umbrian towns  will reward your inquisitiveness.   Also,  if you have time, we highly recommend a visit to Gubbio.


Most of Umbria's towns  are small and can be crowded during the day in high season.  We recommend that you consider spending a night or two in one of the towns described above to understand the how wonderful a visit to Umbria can be.   When the sun goes down, the tour buses rumble down the  highway and life returns to normal.

  • Most of the fortified towns were located atop hills for defensive purposes and grew in layers around their church.  Towns in Umbria feature winding walks, curvy, narrow roads and a mix of architectural styles that somehow seem warm and inviting. 

  • You will find a limited number of residents who speak English and communications may be a challenge.  Conversely, the restaurants are wonderful, the people friendly and the pace of life enjoyable.  A meal and a quiet afternoon seem to follow, since most shops will be closed after lunch until early evening.

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The countryside in Umbria is delightful in spring and autumn Umbria is a very pleasant alternative to Tuscany



Assisi has many attractions, but don't overlook its picturesque setting Assisi is a beacon for many travelers



Walled towns, everywhere!

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Orvieto's cathedral is a show-stopper Orvieto is a wonderful place to visit


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