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Perugia    is the largest town in Umbria and also its capital. You want to head for the Old Town (up the hill) where the history of Perugia is on display though its buildings, protective walls and wandering, narrow streets.  Perugia and its neighboring towns in Umbria are places you should savor for their uniqueness and the fact that their historic cores have remained relatively intact through centuries of change.  There are no "must-see" museums or remarkable architectural treasures.  What there is might be called the "good life", one that is simple, rural and in relative harmony with its surroundings.





Perugia's history dates at least to the Etruscans and the 4th century B.C.  The city is known for fine arts, good food, great walking and ....chocolate.  Much of the Old Town is off-limits to traffic at various times of the day and on various days of the week. 

Walking is the best way to see the city, so ditch your car and head upslope.  The best attractions are scattered along (around) Corso Vannucci from the Piazza Italia through the Piazza della Republica to the Piazza IV Novembre.  If you are staying in Perugia, ask your hotel about parking regulations and if they provide a garage.


The Palazzo dei Priori in the Piazza IV Novembre sits across from the Duomo and is separated from it by the Fontana Magiorri.  The Palazzo is an ornate building that houses the National Gallery of Umbria, one of the highlight of a visit to this area. You might also be interested in the National Archeological Museum  located in the complex of buildings associated with the church San Domenico  at the Piazza C. Bruno on Corso Cavour.




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Perugia Online is a great place to find more detail on staying in Perugia.  For a detailed map showing the location of the town's major attractions, click here.

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