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Best Places to Visit In London


Click for our detailed street map showing the best places to visit in London Located in the southeast of England, London is the capital of the United Kingdom










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Best Places to Visit in the United Kingdom



London Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

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While in this area, you might be interested in visiting the Wallace Collection, displayed in 25 galleries at Hertford House in Manchester Square.
The collection includes paintings by Rembrandt, Titian, Hals and Velázquez as well as some incredible objects d'art. Did we mention the fascinating armory? 
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              Penguins are among the favorites at the London Zoo in Regent's Park

This section of our London Guide describes the best places to visit in the Marylebone area of the city.  While there are a number of attractions here, we focus on Regent's Park. Madame Tassaud's, the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street and, for you Beatle's fans, Abbey Road.

Regent's Park 

Closest London Tube StationBaker Street, Regent's Park

A large and pleasant open space, Regent's Park includes the London Zoo , Queen Mary's Garden and the Regent's canal, which connects the Park to the landing at Little Italy (a delightful area for walking) by waterbus service. In addition, you can take the London Waterbus  from the landing at Little Italy to the Camden Locks and Markets.


Madame Tassaud's  

Closest London Tube Station Baker Street

Madame Tassaud's (formerly Madame Tassaud's Wax Museum) appeals to many and repels others. To some extent, the uniqueness of the attraction has been diluted by its syndication around the world. However, if you are a fan, this is the original and worth seeing. Check their website for details on opening hours and booking online.

221b Baker Street 

Closest London Tube StationBaker Street

Copyrighted photo courtesy of the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective resided at 221b Baker Street. The address for many years was the home of the Abbey National Building Society, but when they moved, the mail addressed to 221b was delivered to the Sherlock Holmes Museum , just a few doors away. Housed in a Georgian town house, the museum is a fun stop, but only if you are a fan of Holmes and Watson and willing to accept recreations that are  "well-worn".

If you are not a fan of Holmes, but know someone who is, the Sherlock Holmes Museum has a large collection of books, mementos and knicknacks related to Holmes, his cases, Baker Street and London, in general.,

By the way, there is now a statue to Holmes outside the Baker Street Underground Station (see photo above). 

If need more Sherlock Holmes there is another location that may be of interest and can be seen when you visit Trafalgar Square.  From the Square, head down Northumberland Avenue (across from the south side of the Square) a few steps to 10 -11 Northumberland Street (not avenue) where you will find the Sherlock Holmes Pub . It has good “pub grub” and an upstairs room decorated in accordance with Arthur Conan Doyle's descriptions of  Holmes's rooms at 221b Baker Street, down to the Persian slipper stuffed with Tobacco.

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Abbey Road

Closest London Tube Station St. John's Wood

If you are a Beatles' fan, you might want to take a short side trip up to St. John's Woods to see the Abbey Road Studios and the famous crosswalk that adorned the cover of the group's best selling album - Abbey Road.

To be honest, it is all a little underwhelming, but that does not impact that fact that  this location is a major tourist attraction.  The studio is private and does not offer tours. 

The famous "zebra" crosswalk, which is no longer in the original location, is close to the studio and crosses a busy street, so be careful if you want to get your picture taken crossing the intersection.

The Abbey Road Studios are at 3 Abbey Road, St John' Wood, London NW8 9AY.

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Best Places to Visit in the United Kingdom


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