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Best Places to Visit In London


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South Bank and Bankside

         The Millennium Bridge connects the area around Saint Paul with the area in Southbank around the Tate Modern Museum

This section of our London, England City Guide describes the best places to visit along the south bank of the River Thames. The areas we cover are known as the South Bank and Bankside sections of London. Blackfriar's bridge separates South Bank from Bankside to the east.

We cover the Tate Modern (art museum),  the London Eye,  the Imperial War Museum, the Globe Theatre and the unique city hall that is the home of the Greater London Authority.



Tate Modern 

Closest London Tube StationSouthwark, Waterloo, Blackfriars

Housed in a renovated power station, the Tate Modern is, an appropriately named museum of modern art.  Its collection dates from 1900 to present and includes works by Dali, Picasso, Matisse and Warhol, among other noted modernists. Visit the Museum's web site for information on opening hours and exhibits

           The Tate Modern has an excellent colleciton, displayed in what was once a power station.

If you have the nerve, you can cross from St. Paul’s to the Tate Modern via the narrow, three football fields long, pedestrian only, Millennium Footbridge, the first new footbridge built to cross the Thames in more than a century.

The Bridge  was closed shortly after its opening in 2000 due to unusual shaking of the structure.   It was reopened in 2002 after being retrofitted with additional safeguards that successfully resolved the unanticipated movements in the structure that had scared most pedestrians away.



The London Eye  

Closest London Tube Station Waterloo  

The London Eye has become one of the most popular attractions in London, due to the great views of the city that one can see from its observation pods.The London Eye was built as part of the UK's Millennium Celebration and has turned into one of London’s most popular attractions. It is the world’s largest observation wheel and the passenger "compartments" are constructed to allow maximum visibility.

The observation cars seat 25 and the ride is a great way to "see" London from a new perspective. The ride takes a slow, elegant thirty-minute rise, approximately 450 feet' into the air, providing fantastic views of London by day and spectacular views by night.

Visit the official website  of the London Eye for more information.

An interesting break from walking after visiting the Eye  is to take the London Eye River Cruise from the adjacent dock to view Parliament, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and other sights from the Thames River.

The Imperial War Museum 

Closest London Tube StationElephant and Castle, Lambeth North, Waterloo, Southwark

The Imperial War Museum is an interesting explorationThe concept of a war museum sounds "wrong" but the curators of the Imperial War Museum have worked hard to make the Museum informative in a very positive manner. The Museum provides a balanced view of war and warfare. Given the United Kingdom’s history in World Wars I, and II, it seems somehow appropriate to provide a venue that thoughtfully dissects war, its equipment and consequences.

The museum has a number of permanent galleries focused on the First and Second World War, as well as its Large Exhibits Gallery where samples from its weapons and vehicles collections are displayed.

The museum host a series of rotating exhibitions throughout the year, often focused on unusual aspects of war. For more information on opening hours and current exhibits,  visit the Museum's web site.  

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The Globe Theatre 

Closest London Tube StationMansion House, Blackfriars, Cannon Street, Southwark 

The Globe Theatre, constructed near the site of Shakespeare's original theater in London, is an excellent place to visit if you are a fan of the Bard of Avon. The building is an almost perfect reconstruction of the original theater with minor variations made for public safety and building codes.

              The Globe Theare is a recreation of Shakespeare's orginal London theatre, which was quite near this location.

Tours are given throughout the year, except when performances occur. The tours are frequent, approximately every half-hour, and worth taking if you want to know more about the details of the theater and how performances are staged here (and were staged in the original building).

For additional information about visiting the Globe Theatre or attending a performance, see the see the Globe Theatre website


Interesting Architecture   

Some of the views across the river are quite interesting.  The photo below captures a newer building (located at 30 St. Mary Axe) on the right that has been affectionately called the "Gherkin", by some, the "Bullet" by others, and the Cucumber by still others.  Other names we have heard are not fit to print!

           London has some stunning and unique architecture.

The London City Hall has  a classic architecture the helps make it one of the "greenest" buildings in LondonLocated near the Tower Bridge and across from the Tower of London, you will find the new development called "More London" that includes the unusual building, without front or back, that serves as the City Hall of London.  Celebrated for its  being "green", the facility is environmentally friendly and uses solar power. 

You can find details of the building and its interesting features at the official website of the Greater London Authority.

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