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Photos of Amsterdam taken while strolling the city

Amsterdam - Many scenic attractions

The Munttoren (the Mint) was originally part of Amsterdam's defensive walls

The Munttoren (the Mint), shown on the left, was originally part of Amsterdam's defensive city walls and once served as a mint where Guilders were coined. The Munttoren is located at the Munt Plein near the Singel Canal.

Catch your canal ride here!

There will be no shortage of boats waiting to take you around Amsterdam's Canals

As you might assume, Amsterdam's  canals are a central feature of the city.  During many of your journeys you will be crossing them, paralleling them, or perhaps riding on them.  At first sight, the do not seem particularly scenic, but as you explore them, they may just start to win you over.

 Water, water everywhere is obviously the case in Amsterdam A few of the canals are lined with trees and are quite beautiful

 Another of Amsterstands canals where the boats almost outnumber the bicycles A green space that is part of the Rijksmuseum complex

The Rijksmuseum (above right)  has several grassy nooks that are great places to sit, have a snack and enjoy some greenery in the midst of the city.  The Oude Kerk (below left) is visible from many parts of town, but is more spectacular on the outside than the inside.  On the right is a view of departing train heading out of the Centraal Station,

The Old Church in central Amsterdam Inside the Centraal Station

Although the Flower Market is quite small, there are a number of interesting shops, including at least one that exports bulbs and ....cannabis seed.  Try to take that through Customs!  Across the lane from the Flower Market, you will find a Christmas shop that has some real treasures.

The flower market is a great place to wander, although is is quite small. Not only can you buy bulbs, but you can buy cannabis seeds.  Holy gardening!

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Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands

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