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Best Places to Visit  in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos


 The Los Cabos area has an embarassing wealth of great beaches

At the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, you will find Los Cabos, an oasis in a land of desert, replete with magical landscapes, stunning seascapes and a wonderful climate. 

The beauty of the area is unique and has endured as the Los Cabos area has changed from a landscape of sleepy villages to a popular, bustling and relatively expensive  resort area.

The Los Cabos (The Capes) area includes the newer resort area of Cabo San Lucas  .  To the east is a long, narrow strand of beach with fabulous hotels and world-class golf courses. Los Cabos has developed into a very popular resort area that is attractive to an international clientele. 

Further east is the colonial city of San Jos鼯font> del Cabo , the site of the airport and a more traditional area than the beach resorts to the west. Even further east  is the East Cape where you can find good diving and great sports fishing in the Sea of Cortez. 

In the 15th century, the Spanish considered Baja California the "New Spain" and, in many ways, its similarity to coastal Spain is remarkable.   Los Cabos, however, is much drier than Spain and is part of the Sonoran Desert, one of the largest in North America.

Temperatures in the area are especially attractive to those who live in colder climates. Average high temperatures in Cabo are a "chilly" 74 in January and increase through the spring and  summer. Temperatures  begin to decline again in fall. 

        Susnet over the Pacific is a special time of the day in Cabos

October through April is the peak time for tourism in Los Cabos, although January and February have evening  temperatures that can be in the mid-fifties. Cabo is growing in popularity as a "spring break" location and those of you with families might want to consider vacationing elsewhere during this period.


See our note to the right about hurricanes, which can be a threat to the area.  In the 1930s, the Los Cabos area was flattened by a major hurricane and many of the colonial era buildings in San Jos鼯font> del Cabo (including the church ) are restorations.   If you are looking for an alternative to Cabo San Lucas,  San Jos鬠which dates from the early 18th century,  is a quieter, more laid back venue.  The town square  in San Jos馮bsp; is a great place to stroll, dine or shop.

We think it might be easier to show you why you will enjoy Cabo and its resort area than to write about it, so take a look at the scenes below before we continue with our guide.

Note that Cabo was seriously damaged by Hurricane Odile in mid-September 2014.  Not all of the damage to hotels has yet been prepared and some resort areas may not be in full service until mid-2015.  Check locally to be sure the available accommodations will suite your needs.

Near El Arco, overlooking the Pacific    Great hotels, scenic pools, warm weather - sign us up!

Miles of beautiful coastline, just waiting for your exploration    Unique hotels, beautiful  pools, turquiose colored water, it doesn't get much better.

Cabo San Lucas contrasts with San Jos頤el Cabo and is considered its fun loving, younger brother.  Cabo San Lucas (known popularly as Cabo) is both more modern and luxurious than San Jos鮦nbsp; It  is internationally  famous for its high-end hotels and spas,  fantastic marina and knock-yourself-out nightlife. 

Cabo San Lucas and its famous marinaCabo San Lucas  is filled with luxury hotels, glamorous spas and more adventure sports than you could hope to sample.  There is something for everyone, although the majority of visitors spend a lot of time soaking up the rays and dining on superb meals at the numerous delightful restaurants in the area. 

Near El Arco on the Pacific

You will find most resorts located along the Sea of Cortez in or near Cabo or along the beach between it and San Jos鼯font> del Cabo.  In addition, you can find numerous attractive hotels in Cabo to the west, along the Pacific Coast. The area's hotels are a mix of mega-resorts and cozy, boutique hotels.  Not all of the beaches are great swimming beaches and surf conditions vary throughout the year.  Check with your hotel for more information.

Although sunbathing and swimming are popular, miles of open beach provides numerous opportunities for fun including sports fishing, snorkeling (at Chileno Bay or near Pelican Rock), hiking, biking, kayaking (from Medano Beach to the Arch), paragliding, parasailing, horseback riding on the beach, and ATV tours.  Of course, the shopping is fabulous, if you want to take a break from the sun.

Most who visit want to snorkel or dive and if this describes you, you may want to visit this Cabo Diving Website, as it has great descriptions of sites and operators (ThereArePlaces is not affiliated with Cabo Diving and provides this link only for purposes additional information).

   Ride or rumble, the choice is up to you. Horses or ATVs, that's a tough choice?

In addition, Los Cabos has a number of world-class golf courses designed by professionals such as Nicklaus, Fazio, Weiskopf and Robert Trent Jones. 

Kayaking is also a popular attraction, especially in the Sea of Cortez, where the marine environment is spectacular and you may find  Blue whales in season. (The famous Gray Whale migration ends on the Pacific Coast several hundred miles north of Los Cabos).

    El Arco will enchant you with its beauty

Los Cabos is well know for it signature sea arch known as El Arco that is at the edge of the Baja Peninsula.  El Arco marks the beginning of a sea cliff that drops over 1,000 feet into Hidden coves, secluded beaches and gentle surf make for a dream discoverythe depths of the Pacific Ocean.  There are a large number of scenic beaches along both coasts, although many visitors prefer to explore the East Cape on the Sea of Cortez. 

ATV tours are growing in popularity in Los Cabos because they allow you to travel to areas not well served by roads and to see sights that are hidden from the highway.  If you elect to take an ATV tour, ask your hotel concierge, or a trusted source, for recommendations.  Also, you will find the going better if you are accompanied by a guide. Rides along the shore and then into the desert are a good way to explore the beauty of the Los Cabos area. 

As mentioned previously, Cabo is getting expensive and bargains are becoming  rarer as its popularity increases.  Cruises are a good way to initially explore Cabo, but once you have been exposed to it, you will find yourself longing for more time at this exquisite location.

 For additional details on this area, the website of the Los Cabos Convention and Visitors Center is worth a look when planning a trip to Los Cabos.


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Hurricane Season

The Northeast Pacific basin has a broad peak of hurricane activity with storms beginning in late May or early June and going until late October or early November.

Peak storminess is usually in late August to early September. The United States National Hurricane Center's official dates for this basin are from May 15th to November 30th.  





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Los Cabos  has grown from a local destination to an internationally popular attraction over the last 20 years.




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