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Gaudi's Parc GŁell

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Antoni Gaudi's Parc GŁell was originally designed as a housing project, but the plan was rejected and the project was never completed.  It is our good fortune, that the area is now a park/garden open from 10:00 to 18:00  in winter and later in spring and summer.

Visiting Parc GŁell is a unique experience.  It is a place where Gaudi's imagination ran wild, leading to the creation of an amusing, stimulating and peaceful respite.

Parc GŁell, located in the north Barcelona district of Grŗcia, is difficult to reach using public transportation.  Either take a taxi or sign up with one of the many companies providing guided tours who will arrange your transportation.  Entrance to the Park is free but there is an admission charge for touring Gaudi's humble house  that contains  furniture he designed.  If you are pressed for time, skip the house and enjoy the park and gardens, which contain architecture unlike any other you have ever seen.

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Everywhere you look in Parc Guell you will find something colorful and unexpected

This multicolored, tile decorated lizard greets you at the entrance to the Parc.




           The entranceway  to Parc Guell is pure phantasy with more treats waiting around the corner

The stairway into Parc GŁell is like taking a short stroll through a fantasyland.  Irregular architecture, colorful decorations and unexpected beauty surround you at every step.


When viewed from a distance they look plain, but upclose more detail is revealed      

Some areas of Parc  GŁell  defy imagination and you could spend hours trying to decide the functions that Gaudi planned for a particular installation. If you walk underneath the overhang shown above, you will see that the walkway was designed to provide a covered arcade for vendors to set up stalls and sell their goods. A panoramic view of the area is shown on the photo at the right.


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Parc Guell - A Gaudi creation - Barcelona, Spain



An area of Parc Guell that was designed as a space for vendors beneath the canopy


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