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Switzerland Travel Guide

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland - Geneva,  Lugano, Basel and Lausanne


Flag of Switzerland

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Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland with Mount Blanc in the background

Geneva, Switzerland is the most cosmopolitan of the cities in Switzerland.  Mount Blanc provides the city a scenic background, but Geneva is a working city famous for its international associations, such as the Red Cross and the United Nations, as well as many international financial firms  Geneva is popular with some travelers, but we recommend skipping it for other cities that, in a curious way, are more "Swiss".  

Lugano, Switzerland on Lake Lugano is scenic and a pleasant place to visit

Lugano, Switzerland is a pleasant place to while away the hours.  Although Lake Lugano is part of Switzerland and Italy, it is one of the lakes known as the Italian Lakes, and we detail it  in our Italy coverage.  However, the village of Lugano,Switzerland seems to bring out the best in its namesake lake.


Lausanne, Switzerland has many charms.

Lausanne, Switzerland, (photos above and below)) is a pleasant city that it known more for its nearness to other attractions than its own offerings.  However, its Old Town is interesting and it has many charms, such as the famous hotel, Château d'Ouchy, shown below which is in the waterfront section of town known as Ouchy.

The colorful hotel - Chateau d'Ouchy (great name) in Lausanne, Switzerland


Basel, Switzerland and its Old Town.

Basel, Switzerland is the drop-off point for many tours of the Rhine River.  It is a well-preserved city that is worth seeing,  if you are in the area.  It has well-known cultural attractions enhanced by it sharing a border with France and Germany.


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