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Best Places to Visit in Switzerland - Bern


Flag of Switzerland

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Bern, Switzerland

View of Berne's gothic cathedral the Munster

Bern (also spelled Berne) has an attractive Old Town that runs along the banks of the Aare River. The city's gothic cathedral, the M㴥r, is one of the city's leading attractions.  The M㴥r is located in the city's historic Old Town, which is shown in the two scenes immediately below.  Bern is a great place to visit.  It is known for its superb restaurants, active nightlife, and fantastic shopping. 

Berne, Switzerland's attractive Old Town




Street scene in colorful Berne, Switzerland


The River Aare (shown below) flows through Old Town Bern and is a scenic attraction in itself.  If you are interested in Bern, visit the city's official tourism web site.

 The National Parliament and other buildings in Berne, Switzerland 

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