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Scotland Travel Guide

Best Places to Visit in  Scotland - Glasgow and the Trossachs

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                                                                          Glasgow    The Trossachs    


Map Showing Glasgow and the Trossach Area of Scotland






  • Glasgow is a working city whose name familiarity may surpass its interest as a destination for  tourists. 

  •  Unfortunately, pickpockets and petty theft are common near the train station and in the shopping arcades. Glasgow struck us as a place where visitors need to be extra alert.

  • If you visit Glasgow, be sure to see the Burrell Museum, just outside the city, as it contains important collections, especially in the areas of medieval art and tapestries.  Sir William Burrell made his fortune in shipping and had been an avid art collector since his youth. It seems impossible to imagine that a collection of this significance could have been amassed by one person, but the Burrell is a treasure house of history. 

The Saint Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

  • In the Cathedral Precinct of town, see the Glasgow Cathedral and the St, Mungo Museum of Religious Art and Life .  

    • At St. Mungo's, Dali's masterpiece, "Christ of St. John of the Cross" can be viewed from an elevated area - it is a breathtaking work of art.

  • For more information on visiting Glasgow, see the website  of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Tourism Board.


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Glasgow Cathedral (13th century) is an attractive church that has been holding services for over 800 years.

Glasgow Cathedral

The Burrell Museum has a fantastic collection

The Burrell Museum

The Trossachs    


The Best Places to Visit in Scotland


Highlands and Skye

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park.


  •    Loch Lomond, made famous in song, is the largest freshwater lake in the United Kingdom.  Ben Lomond (the peak towering over the Loch in the photo on the right) and Loch Lomond present a stunning scene, but unless you want to camp or hike, this is a short stop.

  •    To the north and east of Loch Lomond, you will find the Trossachs, a beautiful forested area filled with scenic valleys and picturesque lochs.  The area was the home of Rob Roy.   The Trossachs are about a hour's drive northwest of Glasgow.

    The Trossachs and the scenic geography  of the area were memorialized in the earliest writings of Sir Walter Scott.  It is said that the popularity of this area, in part, reflects the interest of Scott's modern-day readers.

    • The best introduction to the Trossachs is to explore Loch Katrine, a long, narrow mountain lake that sits in spectacularly beautiful countryside. Loch Katrine is a popular place and often crowded, but if you choose to hike here, you will soon lose the crowds .

      • Loch Katrine and its surrounding area were the inspiration for Sir Walter Scott's "Lady of the Lake".

      • The "SS Sir Walter Scott," a 19th century steamship, crosses the Loch to the village of Stronachlachar.  Cruising on the Sir Walter Scott is pleasant way to experience  the  beauty of the Trossachs.

      • The area surrounding Loch Katrine is Clan MacGregor territory.  Rob Roy was born in Glengyle at the northwest edge of Loch Katrine.

      • If you have more time to explore and enjoy fishing, you might consider visiting nearby Lock Achray, which is famous for its legendary Brown Trout (see image below)

Loch Ahcray is know for its beauty and good fishing

  • If you visit the Trossachs, you might consider heading towards Aberfeldy and Dewar's World of Whisky.  The drive is about two hours further, but if you are in Scotland on a Whisky tour, this is only a short hop (no pun intended).   See the official website for more details on visiting.


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View of Ben Lomond from Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond


Colors abound along Lake Katrine in the Trossachs

Loch Katrine in the Trossachs

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