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Aerial Views of the Casino-resorts in Las Vegas  (For information on using this map click here.)

Use the "zoom or magnify" control on the upper left to see a detailed map of the area. In addition, use the hybrid button on the top-right to see detailed aerial views of the same area. Double click any point to center the map at that location.


Tourist  Las Vegas

It is likely you will spend most of your time in Las Vegas enjoying the casinos.  In addition, to gambling and fine shows, many of the more popular casinos now include great shopping and fantastic restaurants.  We provide listings and contact information (including web sites) for  the major  hotels along or near the famous Las Vegas Strip.  Our Las Vegas Guide  starts  here and details the Best of Las Vegas.

Hotels in Las Vegas

Casino-resorts in Las Vegas range from luxurious to the plain and simple.     Make reservations well in advance, as Las Vegas is a popular  tourist destination any time of the year, but especially  during  New Year's and the Super Bowl.  Always check ahead to make sure that major convention is not ischeduled during your planned stay dates, as this will usually result in higher prices for your room or  room unavailability.


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